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Company history

The company Panles d.o.o. is a family business which deals with making and installing furniture on request, it also performs all sorts of construction works. The company was established in 1990 by dad and son, who at the time worked at Carpentry Rogaška, and they, due to a large extent of work, noticed an opportunity to establish their own company. They began with the help of three workersin a small workshop. After three years they moved into new spaces, which they extend through the years with additional construction. The company often invests into new technologies because we don`t want to be behind competition. With our product we wish to satisfy individual needs and specific wishes of physical and legal persons.

Our evolution

Investments into new knowledge and technologies enable us to make high quality products friendly to man and nature. We give our products extra value by using as least as possible or almost none of the substances harmful to your health. At the beginnings company did business locally, but over the time we became more and more recognized throughout the entire Slovenia. We recieved our reputation with our correct attitude towards the clients and with our quality production and installment of produts made within negotiated time. The company began applying to public procurements on which we recieved a lot of reference buildings.

Robert Pažon - ceo

"Our company specializes in making wooden furniture on request. We already have 23 years of experience of working with wood, which is the strategic resource of Slovenia. Building houses out of wooden cross-laminated boards is in our opinion a promising market niche, since the construction of wooden houses is increasing in number. And in Slovenia there is still unused potential in the field of woodworking as Slovenia is the third most forested country in Europe. In many countries wooden houses and also business buildings are something regular. And because of the positive effects of wooden houses on the health of people and the environment we hope that the construction of wooden houses expands in our country as well."

Our vision

  • At Panles d.o.o., with the sale of our wooden houses, we want to provide our customers with better quality, healthier and safer lives that come with lower maintenance costs.

  • By using natural and renewable energy sources we want to create an environment with less polluted air so that we can leave a pleasant living environment for future generations.